Pinterest Tips & Apps, Social Profile of a $100K Agent and Blog Timing

Episode 4 of Online Agents TV, a weekly real estate marketing video, looks at some great tips for using Pinterest in real estate, the Social Profile of $100K Agent, An outstanding marketing campaign and an article about the science of blog timing.

Pinterest Tip –  Add a monetary value on the description of your pin and the price will appear as a ribbon on the pin. Very Cool Tip!

Pinterest Apps for Facebook – Check this article for some great apps to integrate your Pinterest profile and boards into your Facebook page

Social Profile of an $100K Agent – A great look at the social profile of a typical real estate agent earning over a hundred thousand dollars, $100,000.00

Raising the bar on property inspections – This is a brilliant look at a developer who has integrated facebook into the property inspection process. A must watch for any one in Real Estate.

Science of blog timing – Always wanted to know when the best time to write and publish posts on your real estate blogs? It’s all answered in this article.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Tips & Apps, Social Profile of a $100K Agent and Blog Timing

  1. Nice Post…I Like It…!!

  2. Good post. Yes, out of all those – make it interesting is the most important. Readers don’t want to feel they wasted their time when they could have been doing something else.

    Jeffrey T. Angley

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