Online Real Estate Marketing Tips on Online Agents TV Episode 01

Episode 1 of Online Agents TV for Real Estate Marketing Tips covers new features coming soon to Youtube, an awesome real estate recruitment video, maximizing Facebook engagement, video testimonials and a checklist for creating a strong online presence.

Video Testimonials

The article from the onlinevideomarketer talks about the power of a video testimonial. Imagine presenting an offer to your seller that is $20,000 above their asking price. They will be ecstatic and there is no better time than right there to bring out the camera and ask for a testimonial.

Maximizing Engagement on Facebook

An article from Heidi Cohen where she give 11 detailed tips about getting the most out of your time spent on Facebook. I took special interest in the point she makes with regards to the time of day where people are most interactive. A great read.

Real Estate Video

A great video from HockingStuart Real Estate. the video is part of the Young Guns Coffee Chat series which highlights their star performers. It’s a great use of real estate video to assist in their recruitment of new people.

Youtube Features

A list of new features coming soon to Youtube. One that stands out for me is the views everywhere will be counted. Currently Youtube videos that are displayed through a Facebook page are not included in the view count. Certainly very keen to see this in action soon.

Checklist for a strong online presence

I look at 5 essential items you need to focus on for a strong online presence in real estate. We look at Google, Blogs, Social Media, Video and Web/Real Estate Portal.

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  1. The video shares so much of information about real estate. Thanks for sharing the post.

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