How Can Video Impact Your Online Marketing in Real Estate

The infographic below displays in a visual way how video marketing can impact your online real estate marketing.

It clearly highlights engagement, conversion and impact on your bottom line. I would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts below in  comment.  This image is courtesy of Solutions 8 who are Digital Strategists located in Phoenix marketing impact

4 thoughts on “How Can Video Impact Your Online Marketing in Real Estate

  1. There is no doubt that video adds a lot of bang to any website. If there was. Many of us are very proficient in real estate but not very tech savvy. It would be very helpful to have access to a how to course in producing and uploading videos

  2. Instead of wasting time reading the text to understand, a well prepared Video explains the concept better.

  3. The author of the info graphic should have proofread before sharing but the content is fabulous and very interesting. thanks for sharing. I have some social media marketing tips on my site if you want to check it out. Cheers Michelle

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