Using the Facebook Timeline Feature to Create an Archive of Property Prices in your Community

When Facebook was launched in 2004 I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the amazing growth and world wide fame it has seen. In February 2012 Facebook reported that they had 845 Million active users. People all over the globe are connecting and sharing. Brands are building relationships with it’s customers and many real estate agents are still looking  for a way in which they can use Facebook to improve their own online profile.

Introducing the Facebook Timeline.

Until recently, all Facebook users could do was update their activity and share links they find interesting. It was all about what is happening now. That all changed when the Facebook Timeline was introduced where users could now also update their profiles with activities which happened in the past like child birth, weddings, divorces etc.

So how can we use this new feature to benefit our online presence in real estate? A few agents have jumped in and created a Facebook page for their Real Estate Office or even for their own profile but how will they use it to build trust and engage with a local community. Maybe they could consider using the Facebook Timeline Feature to create an archive of property prices in their community.

Your community Facebook Page should be just that, a page where people from the community can engage and interact with others in the community.

How to set up your Facebook Page Timeline?

  1. Create your first Milestone – (Please note that you must be logged in to Facebook as your page, not your personal profile). Now that pages have switched over to the new timeline you will notice a new button on your status update field called Milestone (See image below)  The first time you click on this you will be prompted to add the date your page began.  The date to use here is when your community (not the community page) was founded.
  2. Again, from the update field on your page click Milestone. This time you will be displayed a larger update box where you can add dated information.

So how far back do your Real Estate records go.  Date back as far as you can and start updating your timeline with properties sold and their price. Include significant landmark sales, land sales when the community was first developed. You can use specific properties but be sure to check any copyright on images you use.

Soon you will have developed a historic timeline of property prices in your community that members can interact with. It will also act as a tool for people interested in buying in the local community but most important of all. You are the authority for Real Estate in your local area and by using the Facebook Timeline to create an archive of property prices in your community who could doubt that.

Enjoy playing with this awesome new Facebook feature.

2 thoughts on “Using the Facebook Timeline Feature to Create an Archive of Property Prices in your Community

  1. Thanks Jeroen – great idea :-)

  2. What a great idea! Love it! You can probably capture a number of different trends in this way.

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