Top 10 most engaging real estate marketing posts for 2014

My daily morning routine is to browse articles posted by people and organisations which I believe will deliver some valuable insights to real estate agents and their digital marketing campaigns. My top 10 engaged with posts on Facebook for 2014 are listed below. Engagement was measured through a combination of views, clicks and likes on the Online Agents Facebook Page and various other Facebook groups including “Real Estate Rocks” and “The Real Estate Community”


#10 – SEO demystified for real estate agents.

SEO – Why is it important in real estate?

– 90% of homebuyers searched online during their home buying process
– 75% of users never scroll past the first page
– Search is number 1 driver of traffic to websites

#9 – Has your organic reach on Facebook fallen of a cliff?

The article looks into the algorithm of the Facebook news feed and how it has evolved. It includes some fantastic tips on how you can optimize your content for a better result.


#8 – Get Out of the House when shooting property videos. Great advise from Greg Vincent on Real Estate Business #realestatevideo

A great article from my friend Greg Vincent, real estate videos have been hot topic in 2014 and we’ve seen some of the best and worst of what Australian agents have produced. Greg is an expert in this field and is always free in sharing his knowledge to better others.

#7 – Would you buy Google Glass so that you can do this?

One of my personal favorites. US Realtor Ariana Rios presents a home walk through to a digital audience using Google Glass.

#6 – I speak to so many agents who say “Well we tried [Social Media], it just didn’t work for us..HOT TIP! Don’t share Listings.

Content, content, content. How agents wanting to succeed in the digital landscape without curating digital content for their online profile is beyond me. Believe Me. if you don’t YOU WILL LOSE!

#5 – Tweet door to door, hit the email pavement and Hello Facebook Neighbour. 3 ways to digitally door knock your community.

Face to face is vital to a strong relationship with people in your community, however. Do they want you to introduce yourself by knocking on their physical door or knocking at their digital door?


#4 – Can some one please congratulate me on posting this :)

It was a little experiment that really did work. Mention the word “Congratulations” in a facebook post and it reaches a much bigger audience.

#3 – Thou art so clever Google!

We all use Google to search for well, just about anything and everything. However, not many real estate agents know how to make the most out of some really cool tools that Google offer at no charge at all.

#2 – Private sellers need to understand WHY they should engage with a licensed real estate agent. Here it is..

The Ultimate answer to that seller that is considering selling privately. A Quality agent will get you a quality result.

private sellers

#1 – Aprox $10K for a $420K Property. But you risk losing a few $ if you are not the successful bidder

Possibly the most controversial post was the new online property auction site bower bid. Selling seats to an auction where the eventual successful bidder walks away with the keys for anywhere around $10K. Check out the video and let me know what you think of this new process. Is it a winner?

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