Simple Online Real Estate Marketing – FACT – Content is King

Who is your Audience in Real Estate?real-estate-content-is-king

Buyers? Sellers? Members of your community? Fact is, they all are. And they’re looking for YOU!

Lets clear up one point of contention about online marketing for real estate agents. You do NOT have to invest most of your time on it. In FACT, your focus should be on building real relationships and by that I mean. In everything you do, always be aiming to sit down, face to face with your future clients.

Reality CHECK. It is likely that more than 75% of the people in your community, or from the community you work in spend more than 3 hours per day browsing the internet and more importantly, reading and interacting with their peers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Are you represented online in your community?

On Facebook you can create groups. On Google you can use maps and Google Places, on Twitter you can create lists. All are tools for you as a real estate professionals to meet, interact and build relationships with the people in your community. Lets not forget about Pinterest where people share images that mean something to them and the new social platform “Vine” where users can share 6 second videos. How much can you communicate in 6 seconds? TRY it NOW. I know you will be amazed.

If  2013 has not started the way you would have hoped for then re-focus now by making a commitment to your self and to the income you want to generate as an agent. All it takes is:

Spend  up to 30 minutes each day creating online real estate content that is targeted to the people living in your community.

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