Setting Up a Google Places Profile Servicing a Real Estate Farming Area

Google places is a fantastic feature where an agency can dominate the local real estate market in Google with their office details and description being displayed in the search results and on a map for the local community based searches. But how can an individual agent whose office is not based in his or her farming area use this feature?

It’s really quite easy once you have a Google Account set up.

First navigate to the Google Places page and click get started now where you need to start follow the process and completing relevant details including your address and phone number. You can use your personal address here or your office address which ever you prefer.

Once you have completed your details you will be asked “Does your business provide services, such as delivery or home repair, to locations in a certain area?” If you answer “Yes” here you will see a tick box for “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing”

Once you have ticked that you can proceed to select the “List of areas served” complete this with the suburb name and state which you service as a real estate agents. You can enter multiple suburbs as well.

Complete the remaining details including a Youtube link to a profile video if you have one and click “Submit”

Because Google Places requires verification, you will be sent a postcard containing a PIN. Once this arrives you must enter it into your Google Places entry to activate it.

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