Real Estate Video SEO, VSEO, Optimizing Video for Search

It’s important that when we embrace new technology we do it right. Real estate videos are becoming more and more popular. Great? Well it is. But only if it’s done right.

There is much to consider when you decide to embrace video marketing for your real estate office and/or for your sellers online property marketing. In this article I would like to share some tips about optimizing your video content for search engines, real estate video SEO, aka VSEO.

The 4 steps to a succesfull real estate video SEO campaign are simple;

  1. Select an Impressive Thumbnail – The thumbnail is a screen shot of your real estate video. It is what is displayed on web pages. You should review every second of your video and choose a frame which is the most compelling.
  2. Host your video – Your own website and blogs are obvious places to host your video, however the most obvious place on the web to host your real estate video is youtube. Youtube videos have the best chance of high ranking in search engines. There are however other sites where you can host your video. Some of these are listed below;
    Hulu: premium programming from the leading content companies, mostly TV and movies.
    Metacafe: short entertainment videos.
    Videojug: how-to videos, expert advice and tutorials.
    Vimeo: a community of positive individuals with a wide range of video interests.
    Google Videos, Yahoo! videos: online video platforms by major search engines.
  3. Describe your video – It is impossible for search engines to understand what your video is about without it have the appropriate attributes. All videos loaded to Youtube should include:• Video Title Tag – A short descriptive and optimized headline which best summarizes the content of your real estate video
    • Video Description Tag – A more eloborate description up to about 160 words. Emphasis should be made to include all keywords selected for marketing your video
    • Video Tags – Much like keyword and phrase tags, just use the words and phrases you think people will use to find your video.
  4. Broadcast your Real Estate Video - Last but certainly not least, your real estate video needs to be promoted, this should be done accross every platform you have access to like your facebook page and twitter profile, to your blog and agency website. Most real estate portals accept video as part of your online real estate marketing requirement. Setting up a youtube channel is also certainly an option you should consider if video is to be become an integral part of your real estate marketing.

I am looking forward to seeing lots of real estate videos published on the web over the next year. please feel free to forward your link.

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