Online Reputation, Keyword Research and Real Estate Video Titles

Episode 2 of Online Agents TV, a weekly real estate marketing video, covers tips to a strong online reputation, keyword research tools, a real estate market update video. Optimizing Youtube video titles and a tip for using Google Places.

Online Reputation

This article provides three excellent tips to help you manage you online reputation, how to create it, how to react to a crisis and how to monitor your brand.

Keyword Research

Great article from Searchengineland where they share some fantastic free tools to assist you in Keyword research. It’s not all about “real estate in your suburb” use these tools to find out what other relative search terms are being used by people on the net.

Real Estate Market Update Video

A market update video is a fantastic way to engage with your local community and done in a professional manner like this on from Ray White Oakleigh can really establish you as the go to person for real estate in your community.

Youtube Video Titles

Real Estate Video titles on Youtube have to be optimized for both social and search, meaning you must write a title that is compelling for people but also one that is compelling for search engines. The article suggests that you don’t have to do both at the same time. You can change your titles a couple of days after you have launched as well.

Google Places Tip

Link to a video that provides instructions on how to select a service area for your google places profile. A must for any one in real estate.

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  1. Great advice Darren, thanks for sharing :)

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