Facebook & Youtube Tips, Curating Content and SEO Analysis for Real Estate

Episode 3 of Online Agents TV, a weekly real estate marketing video, covers several facebook tips, a really simple youtube tip, SEO analysis tools and how to curate content for your social media.

12 Tips to optimize your Facebook Page – A great article with tips to optimize you Facebook Page for the web

Curating Content for Social Media – Do you ever wonder where bloggers get their inspiration to to keep posting relevant content from? Look here for the answers.

Youtube SEO Tip – So simple, If you launch a property video onto Youtube, make sure you include a link (including the http://) back to the property details page on your own web site.

Facebook Timeline Tip – Turn your Facebook Page Timeline into a historic archive of property prices in your local community.

SEO Analysis Tools – Using these tools will give you a really basic run down of what is required for your website to rank better.

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