Customized Youtube Thumbnail Images for Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real Estate Video Marketing is becoming increasingly a standard in online marketing for Real Estate Agents and Youtube has been the platform of choice from which to launch these videos. Visual marketing plays a huge role in advertising properties and not allowing subscribers to upload a custom thumbnail in Youtube was the only downside. Until now.

Customized Youtube Thumbnail Images

Using a customized thumbnail image you can now have greater control of how your video is presented in Youtube. Optimization can be achieved by using the “Hero” image of a property and including the listing title. The image can include your logo and corporate colours.

To add the custom thumbnail you need to log into your Youtube account and click on your video manager. From there you click on edit for the video you want to add the image to. Then browse to the destination folder on your computer and upload the image. Don’t forget to click save :).

Voila! All done. Have fun creating your own and feel free to comment with a link to your real estate video below.

One thought on “Customized Youtube Thumbnail Images for Real Estate Marketing Videos

  1. Wow, this is great! It’s simple and effective. The video gives potential buyers a feel for the house and the neighborhood in a very personable way. I suspect it would be pretty easy to make once you have a template in place.

    Love it! Recommend it to all real estate professionals.

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