Creating an Information Gap to Increase Enquiry and Inspections

Congratulations, you have just secured your first, second or 100th real estate listing. You had some strong competition from other local agents but you came through and won the trust of your new seller……High Five! You deserve it.

Back to the office, process the listing, arrange photo shoot, property video, write your copy and eventually, load it up to all the websites and wait for the buyers to come flocking through the door at next weekends inspection.

Fast forward 2 weeks, you’ve have a few emails that didn’t eventuate into anything and you had a few groups through the home on Saturday and Sunday, 1 of which was the neighbour from across the road.

How can you get more people contacting you and coming through the inspection? Rewind to the moment you clicked “submit” and uploaded your listing to the web.

Attrition plays a massive role in online advertising, your audience is time poor and at many stages while they browse new listings they will become distracted and move on to the next listing. I write more about attrition through online real estate listings in a previous article but today, I would like you to consider leaving an “Information Gap”

You’ve lured potential buyers to your listing with some great photography, your listing title is unique and descriptive and you have been very detailed in sharing ALL the features of the home. Actually, what you have done is answered every possible question your potential buyer may have and because the answers you provided are your opinion and those of the seller, your buyers may not share that opinion and can be very quick to lose interest and move on.

An information gap is where you make  reference to a possible feature but don’t give away all the answers, leaving the buyers mind open and possibly wanting to find out more.

information gap


For example, the en-suite bathroom includes a luxurious spa bath. An information gap could be an image of a closed bathroom door with some text suggesting there is something magnificent behind the door and if the buyer wants to know what it is, they should contact you either by telephone call or an email.  I’m not suggesting you use images of closed doors in your marketing but I think you understand the point I make about an information gap.

Try not to give away all the details about the property you are selling, leave the buyer open to consider that there is something unique and they will need to contact you to find out more.

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