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I wasn’t a fan of QR (Quick Response) Codes until I began researching real estate video marketing and it was from that moment that I started seeing endless possibility in their function and ability to assist agents filling the gap between their printed and online marketing strategies.

According to Wikipedia, the QR Code was created almost 2 decades ago by Toyota subsidiary, Denso Wave. Its purpose was to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. Today it has evolved to enabling smart phone users, who can simply scan the code using an app to view mobile friendly content including:

In the past, to the consumer public, QR codes were nothing more than an ugly little black and white square, an image that must have a function but not attractive enough for them to feel compelled in exploring what it is and how it works. It’s actually taken a very long time for these 2 dimensional bar codes to grow in popularity to where it is today.

Q. So how can real estate agents successfully use these ugly bland looking images in their marketing?

A. Branded QR Codes for Mobile Friendly Online Real Estate Content!

Yes, brand them with your own corporate colours and logo, make them visually appealing and functional before you print them on your sign boards, flyers, window displays and business cards.

How? There are many online QR Code Generators online. However, this one will actually produce branded QR Codes. Just click the link and play around a little. Below are a few samples I have produced using this code.

Online Agents

Throughout my article I have made mention of “Mobile friendly Content” It is vital to the success of your online campaign that any QR Code you produce links to content that is compatible to being viewed on a smart phone screen.

I do believe that QR Codes will grow in their popularity and being able to brand them will certainly assist businesses, especially in real estate to start using them and embedding them in their marketing strategies.

In a recent article about Where can I broadcast my real estate video,  I made a few reccomendations as to which QR Readers could be used for the different types of smart phones. Check it out.

Have fun playing around with the generator tool. I certainly did.

5 thoughts on “Branded QR Code Delivering Mobile Online Real Estate Content

  1. Thanks for sharing. Ive seen lots of QR Codes in the real estate section of the paper. I’d love to start using it and your links were great.

  2. Check out – same deal, just way more cooler layouts.

  3. I have just started following your real estate blog and I need to say thanks a lot. You are performing a good job.
    QR Tag functions with almost all applications and adds benefits to your current real estate marketing. There is absolutely no hesitation there are a lot of utilizes for QR codes and you have definitely included all of them that I can think of.

    I believe it is necessary to point out that even though the vast majority of people utilize the QR code to hyperlink to a web site many individuals could use this particular concept to link to a web file, graphic, etc, which in fact are all based off of a web address code, however do not always mean these lead to a companies/individuals internet page.

  4. I really like this blog because marketing of real estate property at online is a very good thought. I am impressed from this blog.

  5. This is the great news for Real estate followers that now they can check all the latest news and updates online. They don’t need to waste their time with property consult. Thanks for sharing this post.

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